TRACK PLAYING: Radiohead - Street Spirit


As of right now I don't have any of my own software/games to put up on here, but here's some cool programs I personally like.


  • Darkwave Studio (DAW - WARNING: OPENCANDY!!)
  • Foobar 2000 (Music player)
  • Winamp (Music player)
  • OpenMPT (Music tracker, very cool)
  • Audacity (DAW, can make glitch art!)
  • FruityLoops Studio (DAW, unlimited free trial)
  • VLC Media Player (General media player)
  • Programming

  • BasiEgaXorz (Sega Genesis homebrew program)
  • Worlds Online (MUD)
  • HxD (Hex editor I use for databending)
  • Clickteam Fusion (Game engine)
  • RPGMaker 2003 (Game engine)
  • Notepad++ (Programming/Text editor)
  • Games

  • Yume Nikki (Pixel horror cult classic)
  • Oneshot 2011 (RPGMaker puzzle game)
  • .flow (Yume Nikki fangamme)
  • Suits (It's funny....)
  • Mungyodance Series (Cool rythm games)
  • Yume Nikki Browser (YN Web recreation)